Last year was one for the record books for Marcy, one of our esteemed developers. Not only did she have her first conference talk at JSConf AU, she spent the rest of the year gaining more experience (and frequent flier miles) speaking around the world discussing the importance of accessibility and how to implement it as part of your delivery process.

As coincidence would have it, the videos for her first and latest talks, “Accessibility and the Shadow DOM” and “A Web for Everybody” (from Smashing Conf Whistler) have recently been posted. They’re well worth a watch, both for their own content and to see Marcy’s progression as a speaker. She’s already planning her trips for the year, so look forward to seeing even more from Marcy in the months ahead!

Accessibility and the Shadow DOM at JSConf AU


A Web for Everybody at Smashing Conf Whistler