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Last year, you may remember, we built a game called Dungeon Highway. It took off in ways we never expected:

  • Over 620,000 downloads
  • Featured in the Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores in over 83 countries
  • 4.5 star ratings on the iTunes and Android stores

We had such a great time making it that we wanted to try again!

Enter Dungeon Highway Adventures! This follow-up takes the addictive gameplay of the original and updates the experience with quest-centric progression, an all new inventory system, more balanced power-ups, custom built levels, and new music.

Players can now build an inventory of weapons and power-ups allowing each player to tailor the game to their sensibilities, whether that is wanton destruction or a more pacifist approach.

We’re excited to release Dungeon Highway Adventures to the gaming world and we hope you’re excited to try it out for yourself. It’s available now for both iOS and Android. And it’s FREE!

Download for iOS | Download for Android

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