A view of the digital mural

Every year, thousands of people travel from around the world to SF to attend AIGA San Francisco’s celebrated SF Design Week. We were invited to participate in AIGA NOW, AIGA SF’s first collection of digital and interactive prototypes for Design Week, and jumped at the opportunity. We were excited to work with others in the design community to build an installation that would inspire and prompt attendees to give back to AIGA SF.

The output of our collaboration with design firm Meta Design is called Digital Mural. In it, users can contribute their own pixel art creation, which is then added to the overall collection. They can also donate to support AIGA SF. Digital Mural was built with Ruby on Rails and Coffeescript (using the Spine JS framework). The gravity and collisions were simulated using Matter JS, an open source 2-D JavaScript physics engine. We used Stripe to handle payments.

For more on Digital Mural, check out the Q&A over on the SF Design Week site. When you’re done, go check out Digital Mural for yourself!

Thanks to AIGA SF and Meta Design for helping us bring this experience to life.