Knit Health Launches Kickstarter Campaign

One of our clients, Knit Health, has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their advanced sleep monitoring system. After just a few days it’s already well past the halfway mark. We’re always excited when our clients release their work to the world, and we invite you to check out their campaign.

Knit is a smart camera and monitoring system, supporting family health by tracking sleep, breathing, and movement. The Knit system can provide information about current sleep status, room conditions, and even visualize breathing, tracked not from a wearable, but via a combination of camera & deep learning. The Knit Assist subscription enables data analysis over time, illuminating trends and capturing notable video moments. Knit represents a leap forward in family sleep medicine and we’re proud to have been a partner in helping them reach this point.

The Knit Kickstarter campaign runs until November 17, 2016.