Ten Years of Substantial

It’s hard to believe, but this weekend marked our 10 year anniversary. That’s right, a decade ago we logged our first hours for a client (the micro-news site YourStreet for all you trivia buffs). Since then we’ve worked for dozens of clients on dozens of projects, building a community of colleagues and partners along the way. We’re humbled by the support we’ve had over the last ten years, and we thank everyone that we’ve worked for and with. We’re looking forward to the new connections we’ll make and what we can accomplish together over the next ten years and beyond.

As part of our anniversary celebration we’ve partnered with our favorite burger joint, Lil Woody’s, to develop The Substantial Burger, their latest Burger of the Week. Starting with the usual base of 1/3 lb. of grass-fed beef, that is then topped with beer cheddar, whiskey caramelized onions, pickles, bacon, and mayo. It pays subtle homage to our long-standing hosting of Beer&&Code and our time working with Distiller. And bacon because bacon. We’re beyond excited that they were open to the idea and we can’t wait to try it!

The Substantial Burger from Lil Woody's

The Substantial Burger will be available at Lil Woody’s from November 22-28. You should get one.