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We closed the office the day after the most recent presidential election. It wasn’t quite a holiday, but we had a number of people on staff that needed the day to process what happened. When we came in the next week, there were still a number of conversations about the results and it became clear we still needed to share our thoughts as a group. We had a meeting (optional), invited Karyn, our downstairs neighbor at SugarPill, and talked about what we could do with our energy, as individuals, as a company, and as a community. The result from that meeting was Love is Action.

The biggest takeaway from our brainstorming session was the sense that there were any number of things a person could do, and that variety was comforting. Substantial doesn’t need to dictate to its employees what they should do or support, but we do believe in diversity, inclusion, and social equity. And we are willing to support individuals and organizations to that end. Beyond that though, we believe that the best thing we could do is to help remind people that none of us exist in a vacuum, and that the onus falls on each of us to help create the society we want to see. Love the world you’re part of? Then act on that and do something.

The Love is Action campaign is an extension of that idea. Whether it’s speaking, listening, embracing, protesting, or any other number of things, we have options for how we react to the world around us. We came up with a list with Karyn, and Flo, our designer, created a set of icons to go with a few of these ideas, which we’ve turned into a building-wide window installation. We’ve printed one sheets of resources and distributed those throughout the neighborhood and shared our designs with the public so they can make this campaign their own. Love is Action isn’t about creating a new nonprofit or anything like that, but instead we hope that other businesses join us in reminding our guests that regardless of political winds, we’re all in this together, and we have work to do. We are a community, and that community gives us strength. We hope you’ll join us as well.

You can read more about Love is Action and download the assets for yourself at

Go with love,
Jeremy Borden, CEO & Donte Parks, VP, Culture

Love Is Action Window Installation

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