AIGA Seattle's HIVE 2017

We’re happy to be sponsoring this year’s HIVE Conference, once again presented by AIGA Seattle. Held every two years, this conference brings together a wide range of creative leaders and we’re looking forward to a selection of inspiring talks on how we can all influence the evolution of design in shaping positive change. In addition to hosting the conference pre-party on May 18th, we also have two speaking slots, described below. Hope to see you there!

No Really, It’s About Priorities Liz Heidner, Senior Designer & Mark Kornblum, Lead Developer

This talk is going to be a reminder about how you should work on the most important thing first. Quite literally that’s it. As obvious as that statement is, in our day to day work we often forget it, working on the wrong things, at the wrong time, or in the wrong order. That’s not always problematic, but with limited resources where every decision counts, proper prioritization can be the difference between success and failure.

In this talk, Liz Heidner and Mark Kornblum, a designer & dev pair from Substantial, will describe some of the mental traps that can lead to the wrong priorities, and a variety of exercises that will help to free you from them. They’ll walk you through a few case studies, describing both the importance of prioritization and how it affected those projects. You’ll leave the talk with a few new tools to help you make sure you’re doing the right thing at the right time.

Pointing Toward the Positive Eleni Adams, VP of Operations & Donte Parks, VP of Culture

Don’t be evil. Think differently. Just do it. All of these phrases are closely associated with companies, and it’s easy to see how those organizations can live by those statements. It’s equally easy to dismiss them as just words, great poster fodder unrelated to the day to day. How do you come up with a guiding direction for your own organization that’s actually authentic?

Eleni Adams & Donte Parks, Substantial’s Vice Presidents of Operations and Culture respectively, will share how they’ve managed to shape the vision for the company and the road that took the company there. It certainly hasn’t been a straight line, but Substantial is dedicated to doing its best work, work that creates positive cultural impact. This talk will give you insight that you can use in your own career and business to align your work, your values, and your ambition.

Tickets for HIVE 2017 are available now.