The 3% Seattle panel stage

A few weeks ago, we hosted a panel discussion in partnership with Interbrand on challenges to female creative leadership for Seattle chapter of the 3% Conference. Under the theme of “Constellation,” we invited junior professionals and veterans to come and hear perspectives from our panelists on the importance of networking. We had a packed house and engaging discussion, leaving attendees with the task of picking one way they could improve their networks.

To set the stage for the night and build empathy across the audience, we started with a vision exercise. Everyone was asked to close their eyes and imagine a world where there was equal gender representation between men and women: What would a world with more gender parity look like? What would it feel like? What would your role be? How did we get there?

With brighter futures in mind, we then kicked things off with the panelists. Questions took an arc between discussing society at large to focusing on personal experiences. Emphasizing the importance of mentorship (as both mentor and mentee), challenging controls over how we speak or write (eg. using the word “just” or exclamation points), refraining from adjusting personality to fit a job, and leveraging relationships inside and outside of work to help with challenges – these were all topics that bounced out of conversation between the panelists. Other ideas spun out of the mention of Ann Friedman’s “shine theory,” which suggests that women should recontextualize the idea of female competition as a positive tool.

We’d like to thank our panelists (Chris Campbell, Oonie Chase, Sydney Hunsdale, Shelley Williams, & Lianne Onart), attendees, and the Seattle 3% Conference community for your time, attention, and support. We see this as just the beginning of a larger conversation on a lot of these topics. We’ll be participating and hosting in many more events of this sort in the coming months. A selection of photos from the event are below. The full gallery of pictures can be seen here.

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3% Seattle Audience Thinking

3% Seattle Panel Audience

3% Seattle Panel Stage