Multiple Parents in Hello Epics

When we initially envisioned Hello Epics, we started with the way we wanted to use it, namely for creating “strict” dependencies with parent/children cards. When organizing our software projects we usually only need one potential parent per card, since we’re breaking down one large task or body of work (a parent) into its constituent tasks (the children) (see this thread about epics vs. stories vs. tasks). Having built that one-parent-per-card, after launching Hello Epics one of the requests we heard early and often was for multiple parents. We’re happy to announce that the feature is live! Read on for more on how this works and can be adapted to your own workflow.

As an extension of the Hello Epics workflow, taking advantage of multiple parents is as easy as adding more parents to a card. This simple change makes card dependency even more open-ended and opens up entirely new possibilities for tracking information.

Here’s a simple example of how multiple parents works. Imagine a Trello board that organizes numbers in two lists, with one a list of the numbers themselves, the other of groups to which they belong (never mind the question of why one would want such a board). In this example, the number 2 would be both an even number and a prime number, so it could have two parents, as you can see in the following screenshots. Neat, huh?

A simple example board with numbers and groups to organize them Organizing Numbers in Hello Epics

Adding a second parent Adding a second parent in Hello Epics

Giving 1 a second parent Giving 1 a second parent in Hello Epics

A card with multiple parents A card with multiple parents in Hello Epics

A board filled with cards with multiple parents Organizing Numbers in Hello Epics

Supporting multiple parents opens up new possibilities for how you track your We hope you find multiple parents useful as well. Give it a try on your own Trello boards!

Multiple parents was a feature requested from multiple Hello Epics users. If you’ve got ideas that you’d like to see in Hello Epics, feel free to reach out!