Related Boards in Action

We’ve released our most requested feature, cross-board support, within our Trello power-up Hello Epics! Now you can directly track cards and projects across boards, giving you even more ability to manageably track large projects. You may have noticed the changes in the interface over the last few weeks during our public beta, but if you’ve been waiting to see how it all works, now’s the time to go try it out!

Here are some of the key features:

Track Even Bigger Projects
Rather than having one monolithic board, you can break those up into different areas of concern. That way you don’t have to track everything at once, and instead can track one set of items at a time. Adding Children on Related Boards

Streamline Your Workflow
Hello Epics already made working within Trello easier by allowing you to create parent and children cards from within a card. Now you can do the same but across boards. You can also navigate from one card to another across boards, so getting around Trello is a breeze. Adding Cards on Related Boards

See Only What You Need
You don’t always need to see all of the details. Now that you can relate cards across boards, you can keep a clean board just for management and another for where the nitty-gritty happens.

If you’re already a Hello Epics user there’s nothing you need to do; it’s already enabled on all of your boards. The next time you add a card association you’ll see a list of available cards to add, which you can filter to a specific board. The same goes for creating new cards - you can do this throughout the boards you’re on. Not to worry, we’ll enable Hello Epics on those boards as needed. We’ve made it easy for you to use Hello Epics the way you want, and easy to track all of these cards even when they’re on different boards.

In our next blog post we’ll walk you through an example of how related boards can work for you. Until then, you should really give this a try for yourself. If you’ve been waiting to check out Hello Epics, go to our Getting Started Guide and enable Hello Epics on your boards. If you tried Hello Epics before but were waiting for this feature, reach out if you’d like a new trial period.