• Client: Haworth
  • Platforms: iOS, Touchscreen Installation
  • Services: Design, Development

Collaboration regardless of distance or device.

The creative process is a beautiful, scribbled mess across whiteboards, sticky notes, shared files, and napkin sketches. Workspace designer Haworth was inspired to gather these moving parts into a single virtual workspace.

“Substantial had the fearlessness, and chops to figure it all out. There are very few companies out there that are experienced in creating large, interactive virtual workplaces from a commercial standpoint. They quickly grasped how to translate our requirements into an executable, achievable, cost-efficient plan.”
‐ Demian Entrekin - Bluescape CTO
Virtual workspace, real problems to solve

Bluescape is founded on the principle that data should 
be accessible by everyone on a team no matter where they are in the world. In 2010, Substantial paired with Bluescape to turn Obscura Digital’s initial strategy of a multiscreen digital collaborative ecosystem into an MVP (minimum viable product) launch, continuing on to build and refine the platform.

Creating Bluescape spanned both design and development, dealing with technical challenges ranging from low level input capture and hardware integration to architectural design for scalability and latency. On the design side, the overarching concern was to create a new product that felt familiar and consistent across multiple form factors (tablets, desktop, touchscreen wall).

After four years our team revisited the original strategy to help Bluescape align their teams, reset their roadmap, and launch a re-envisioned product that they can sustain with their in-house teams. Substantial had two audiences for which to optimize: the remote individual accessing the cloud-based workspace, and entire project groups working together at the wall-sized touchscreen.

A man using Bluescape on an iPad
Results without limitations

The collaboration between Haworth, Substantial, and other partners resulted in a platform that has changed the way people work together — accelerating project timelines, decision-making, idea generation and business results in a visualized, immersive environment. Bluescape has seen use in industries as varied as law enforcement, architecture, entertainment, and fashion.

Screenshot of Bluescape
Bluescape workspaces screenshot
145 Football fields of virtual space
4 Years of innovation