Getty Moment

Getty Moment

  • Client: Getty
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Services: Strategy, Design, Development

Getty and Substantial changed the stock photography business model.

As a pioneer in online image licensing, Getty Images recognized mobile technology presented an opportunity to engage a broader audience of photographers, build supply, and increase responsiveness to world events. Built in just 14 weeks, the Getty Moment iOS app created the channel to rapidly request in-demand images and meet the growing demand for fresh, non-staged and real world content.

Seizing the moment

Going from concept to launch in just 14 weeks, Moment’s impact has been a powerful one for Getty Images on multiple fronts. The image approval process has been shortened from weeks to days. If an image is rejected, Moment provides useful feedback so photographers are empowered to improve future submissions, strengthening the quality of their own portfolio as well as Getty Images’.

Screenshots of Getty Moment

Thanks to the request feature, Getty Images can provide photographers with more frequent and targeted information about what clients are asking for, enabling the efficient and seamless sourcing of content. With contributors generating over 3.2 million image views, Moment has also succeeded in bringing together a dynamic community of stock photographers that has become more engaged with the Getty Images brand.

“You exceeded all expectations of execution, business understanding, and quality. We never expected to get so far, so fast.”
‐ Amy Robertson, Getty Images
A human-centered approach

Following Getty Images’ initial direction, Substantial designed and developed an iOS app with two key use cases.

First, we built a streamlined submission tool that empowered users to submit images directly from their iPhone and made Moment the fastest way for photographers to share their work with Getty Images.

Second, we built a request feature that allowed Getty Images to leverage visual trends and customer search data to notify Moment users when there was a need for images of a specific subject, theme, or event. Photographers can now tailor their submissions to real-time market demands, generating more relevant and targeted content for Getty Images’ customers.

14 Weeks from concept to launch.
93K Photos submitted.