• Client: Shopbop
  • Platform: iOS
  • Services: Strategy, Design, Development

Substantial and Shopbop brought high conversion m-commerce to highly curated fashion on iOS.

When you are a purveyor of the world’s finest women’s designer fashions, your customers expect a certain standard. Luxury online retailer Shopbop realized how many of its customers were mobile shoppers and how important an iOS app is for merchants, and decided a flagship iPhone app would be the best way to extend its offerings. The company needed a partner that was skilled at both e-commerce and mobile software development, and engaged Substantial for a full range of product design, development, and strategy services.

Results never go out of style

In only a matter of months Substantial was able to take Shopbop from vision, to a strategy, and through to execution. The result was an app that exceeded its conversion rate goals by 25% with an improved shopping experience targeted specifically at Shopbop’s key mobile customer demographic.

By pairing its own developers with their Shopbop counterparts, Substantial facilitated a great deal of knowledge transfer while the app was being built. This ensured effortless project delivery, exposed Shopbop’s technical teams to new ways of working, and made it easy for Shopbop to take complete ownership, support, and development of the app after launch.

Screenshots of Shopbop
Collaboration by design

Substantial began the project with an on-site discovery phase at Shopbop’s Wisconsin headquarters. That included feature brainstorming sessions, interviews with customer service representatives, and establishing how the two teams could most effectively integrate. This phase allowed the collective team to focus on the most important questions that would enable Shopbop’s ideal customer experience: Why are they using Shopbop? What do they want from an app? How do we best serve their needs?

Iterative development allowed the answers to those questions to be implemented and tested quickly. We could deliver prototypes of top-level navigation, product pages, and checkout features via test versions of the app only a few short weeks into the timeline, when most agencies would still be writing product specs. The Shopbop executive team received nearly daily updates via a beta-testing platform on their personal phones, so when product photos were added, or product descriptions, or any new feature became available, they didn’t have to learn about it from a presentation, they could see the app coming to life in their very own hands.

“Substantial builds innovative, high quality systems in an agile fashion - they’re the best I’ve ever worked with.”
‐ Doug Knesek, Shopbop
25% Over original conversion rate goal.
2 Fully integrated teams.