Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel

  • Client: Teaching Channel
  • Platforms: iOS, Web
  • Services: Design, Development, User Testing & Research

Teaching Channel: from simple tool to indispensable educator resource

Teaching Channel has a vision to provide teachers an accessible, centralized tool for sharing and learning — to remove borders and transform isolated teachers into a collaborative community.

“[Substantial has] become essential partners to not only us but to our customers as well. Overall, I think Substantial is the best.”
‐ Candice Meyers, Teaching Channel
Community by design

Teaching Channel, a non-profit founded by a group of educators, believed that slow circulation of ideas hampered the professional development of teachers. To address this, Teaching Channel initially partnered with Method and Substantial to create a web app for storing and sharing recorded lessons demonstrating educational best practices.

Substantial’s initial development role expanded to include strategy and design, taking the site from content consumption to an engaging interactive community where educators could exchange ideas and feedback.

Teaching Channel’s feature set expanded according to the needs of its users; in addition to the video library, Teaching Channel features a Q&A forum, an active blog, and an interactive directory of user profiles to help users connect and “follow” fellow educators of the same grade, subject, or role.

The native mobile apps (iOS and Android) enable teachers to easily create & upload their own videos, and share them with the larger Teaching Channel community.

Teaching the Teachers

Today, Teaching Channel has grown into a full-fledged professional development platform and flourished into 
a thriving online community with a meaningful impact on US educators. Teaching Channel’s classroom videos are inspiring teachers across the country, as Teaching Channel has engaged roughly 20% of the United States’ 3.7 million full-time teachers.

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